Medieval Town & Castle Tour


There is so much more to our charming old town than classic tours can offer. Join us as we journey back to a time when emperors ruled, the plague ran wild and torture was considered finest entertainment. In this tour we take a closer look our charming old town, focussing on Medieval days and the quircky lives of its inhabitants, visiting old squares, narrow alleys, public buildings, private mansions, churches & courtyards and of course the castle. Its a wonderful blend of sightseeing, history and culture with local tales & legends. * Last part of tour includes slow 10-min walk up to castle (no option for funicular, we are nowhere near it). The climb is easy and involves tour stops on the way, but may not be suitable persons with walking difficulties who could optionally depart here.

HIGH SEASON  (20 Jun - 31 Aug)
Tuesdays & Fridays at 3PM
LOW SEASON  (1 May - 19 Jun) (1 Sep - 31 Oct)
Every Sunday at 3PM
No Booking Required for scheduled tours!
(Booking required for private tours only)
PRICE: 10€ / Person for scheduled tours
(Private tours from 85€ per group)
DURATION:  2 hours 45 minutes
Involves walk up to castle.
Extended tour of Ljubljana's old town
Visit historic landmarks, old squares, churches, mansions, courtyards, alleys and more
Storytelling, local tales, legends
Tour of Ljubljana castle after slow 10-min walk up
Review of Medieval life - People, economy, education, entertainment etc.
The Dark side - Torture, public executions, plague & more

We Meet in front of the pink church in Prešeren Square, from the same location where the free tour begins.
Please note:
The Medieval Town & Castle Tour is available as either scheduled tour, or as private tour.
Please use this form for booking of private tours only.
For participation in scheduled tours, no booking is required. Just show up 5-10 minutes before 3pm.
Scheduled tours are provided in ENGLISH only. Other languages require private tour.

For any other inquiry please contact us by:
  +386 40 604476, +386 40 555843
Price List
Group Size Price
1 - 2 95 €
3 - 5 100 €
6 - 10 110 €
11 - 20 120 €
21 - 30 130 €
31+ 135 €
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    Surcharge for PayPal/Card payment - 5€
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     * Chinese - 30€ surcharge
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