A journey back to the days of communist Yugoslavia & socialist rule
This tour is available as either Private Tour or Public Tour (see schedule below)

PHOTO COPYRIGHTS: National Museum of Contemporary History, Ljubljana

Some look back in sorrow, others miss the good old days when (almost) everyone was "equal", had a job, a roof over their head and food on the table. The Communist Tour takes you back to the days of socialist Yugoslavia, a unique country that defined its own approach to communism while maintaining a somewhat open-doors policy with the west. Starting with our enigmatic leader Marshal Tito, the tour explores Slovenian life under the socialist regime, visiting sites that played a role in communist days, focusing on governance, economy, labor, religion, punishment, justice, entertainment, arts and more. We try to be objective in presentation, but share true family stories, bring nostalgic items you can hold, and of course, present all content with the very same passion for which we are known.

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 2:30 - 2:45 hrs

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Communist Landmarks - squares, monuments, public buildings and more
WWII & the Yugoslavian partizan movement
Possible visit of Interrogation Cells (ID Card Required)
Rise and fall of communist Yugoslavia
Life of Tito, the Tito Cult & Non-aligned Movement
The media, courts, mass killings, government propaganda
Personal stories, memories, memorabilia & photos


We meet in front of the large University Building in Congress Square (Kongresni trg 12).
Please note, this is about 5 minutes walk away from the Free Tour meeting point.
Please note:
The communist tour is available as either scheduled tour or private tour. Booking is required for private tours.
Please use this form for booking of private tours only.
For participation in scheduled tours, no booking is required. Just show up 5-10 minutes before 3pm.
Scheduled tours are provided in ENGLISH only. Other languages require private tour.

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  +386 40 604476, +386 40 555843
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