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Virtual live-streaming tours are a great way to acquaint yourself with a new city without leaving your home. They are ideal for travelers who plan to visit in the near future but are also great as joint activities for families and friends sitting in different locations. In light of Covid-19, we now offer a range of live-streaming virtual tours of Ljubljana. Book your tour and one of our guides will take you and your friends on a walking adventure.

Realtime Streaming
See what your guide sees in real time. This is not a pre-recorded documentary!

Unlimited Viewers
Invite family and friends to join at no extra cost.
Have an online party 🙂

Fully Interactive
Talk or chat with your guide or friends at any time to enjoy a personal experience

Build your own route or choose one of the recommended walks below.
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Classic city tours
69€ / Session   
 40 min
Trip-Planning Session
Take a live trip-planning session and get expert advise from one of our expert guides before your arrival. Have your questions ready...
Classic city tours
69€ / Tour   
 40 min.
Discover Ljubljana Tour
Get a quick feel for Ljubljana with this orientation tour including several top attractions. Ideal for those planning on visiting us in the near future.
Classic city tours
89€ / Tour   
 80 min.
Ljubljana Highlights Tour
With more time, we are able to visit more attractions covering "most" highlights in town. As always, its our presentation that makes the difference.
Classic city tours
99€ / Tour   
 120 min
Classic City Tour
This 2-hour tour is a copy of our famous classic free tour, but on your own. The tour covers everything central Ljubljana has to offer, except the hilltop castle.
Classic city tours
89€ / Tour   
 80 min
Treasures of Old Town
A captivating walk through Ljubljana's charming old town and its collection of historical landmarks and attractions. The setting is as beautiful as it gets.
Classic city tours
69€ / Tour   
 40 min
Ljubljana Castle Tour
Rising up above Old Town is the Ljubljana castle. In this tour we explore the castle, in and out, before climbing up the wall for the best views in town.
The Communist Tour
99€ / Tour   
 120 min
The Communist Tour
Join us as we visit socialist Yugoslavia. Separate fact from fiction, see what life was really like. Governance, police, culture, employment, religion...
The Communist Tour
89€ / Tour   
 80 min
Mini Communist Tour
A incomplete, yet fascinating exploration of socialist Yugoslavia and several city landmarks which played a roll in communist times.
The Jewish Heritage Tour
89€ / Tour   
 80 min
An insider's look at Ljubljana's Jewish community and its heritage, past & present, by licensed guides from within this small community.
Please note:
All live streaming virtual tours require advance booking and payment.
Choose the tour you like from the options provided or tell us your specific wish in your booking.
Once paid, we send you a link to the scheduled tour. You can share this link with whoever you like.
Prices are specified for English tours only. Please see pricelist for language surcharges.

For other inquiries please write:
  +386 40 604476, +386 40 555843
Price List
Duration Price
40 min 69 €
80 min 89 €
120 min 99 €
  • Prices apply to payment by bank,
    for tours in English / Slovene.
  • PayPal / Visa – 5€ surcharge
  • Spanish, Italian: 10-15€ Surcharge
  • German, French: 15-20€ Surcharge
  • Chinese, Hebrew – 30€ Surcharge
  • Submission of the form serves as inquiry only. Final confirmation is only issued by our office following payment.
  • Terms & Conditions apply. Please read.