Tourists love to ask questions and thats great, but we simply do not have the time to answer all the questions, especially when our ste already presents the ansers in a clear mannner. Below are FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) that keep repeating themselves. Please read them before writing us

No. No booking required. We know how many guides to have ready.

No. No booking is required for scheduled tours. Simply show up and join on the spot. (advance booking is only required for private tours)

The route itself is flat and easy to walk so normal shoes are fine. Its always good to have water with you ( a must in summer), though we do have a drinking fountain along the way. Also, seeing as Ljubljana is one of the wettest capitals in Europe, its always a good idea to have an umbrella in your bag. We do.

Of course. We run tours 365 days a year regardless of weather. Rain or snow, we are there. Ok .. lets say if weather drops below -10c dont come (never happens) ... and we do have the option of shelter in most stops along the way.

No. Free tours are provided in English only. For other languages private tour is required.

Excluding the "Medieval Tales & Castle Tour" which includes a walk up to the castle, all of our tours follow a completely flat route and are easily accessible to wheelchairs and baby strollers. On private tours that include the castle we typically use the funicular to ride up to the castle which is in itself (separate purchase of funicular ticket is required).

There are 2 public toilets along the route, and one near our meeting point, so you can always run off for a minute and come back. There is also a fresh drinking fountain where we stop by the cathedral, about halfway through the tour.

All free tours operate on voluntary tips basis. This means you pay what you want, if you feel the guide deserves it. This ensures the guide has incentive to deliver a really really good tour and it is for this reason that the quality of presentation on free tours excels. Only the best guides are accepted and survive 🙂

365 days a year 🙂 In fact, holiday tours are so nice because its quiet in town.

Absolutely. We can even arrange half-day tours for our guests at excellent last minute prices. Unbeatable in town.

Sorry. No. If you'd like to hire us for a private tour, such tours must be booked and paid for in advance.

Of course. We care about quality. All of our guides have a Slovenian guiding license.

That would be the underground parking under Congress Square, about 3 minutes walk away. https://goo.gl/maps/5fs6NofLbiz